Mahendra Brothers cuts every diamond with passion and finesse. Our dedicated team of gemologists can transform even modest stones into aesthetic marvels. Our facilities are equipped with state of the art technology to both exceed rigid quality standards and ensure that each Mahendra Brothers diamond is of natural origin. A trained workforce of over 3,000 provides optimum results.

To ensure hassle-free operations and capture subtle details, our operations are completely digitized. All systems, from clock-in to checkout, coordinate with our central servers.

Our eminence and sustained perfection led to the creation of Uni-Design, Mahendra Brothers’ jewellery manufacturing division. Successful vertical integration ensures that our excellence and commitment extend to jewellery as well. An unwavering focus on customer needs, innovative product designs, unmatched craftsmanship & quality, reliable deliveries and a worldwide clientele are the hallmarks that have enabled Uni-Design to carve a niche for itself.